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Follow these 10 steps to find the right truck GPS for your business with ease. Commercial vehicles come in many shapes and sizes – from trucks, semi-trailer trucks, and vans to buses, trailers, heavy equipment, and even taxis. Even though there can be minor variations from state to state, in the United States, any vehicle that is registered to a company is a commercial vehicle. As per this broad classification, not all commercial vehicles have road restrictions.

We offer a 48-hour money back guarantee on your first order. Sometimes you just want a simple app for a simple purpose. If you’re looking for a way to track your speed and mileage, even when an internet connection isn’t available, you want GPS Speedometer and Odometer for Android or iOS. Keep up with the latest news in the trucking industry geared towards company drivers and owner-operators. A – Truck Me In ™ App includes an exclusive Trucking Community Chat Forum which makes the app extremely resourceful to know the real time status of current Road Conditions.

Moreover, dispatchers and managers can use our truck routing software to monitor truckers in real time. And this is important to ensure every aspect of the operation is going according to plan. Live GPS And Navigation For Trucks FREE Live GPS and Navigation For Trucks is most simple and free application for truck drivers to navigate safely.

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Sygic Truck GPS Navigation is the most international GPS app of all of them. It has maps of Europe , North America, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. Please also install SmartTruckRoute 2 version located on Google Play for more updated version. Truck drivers must always have on hand a bill of lading, or similar document, showing the points of origin and destination of the trip. Drivers must present for inspection on request of a law enforcement officer or other authorized person. The presence of signage is not required to enforce Truck Route regulations.

This will help drivers stay on track and maintain on-time deliveries. In addition to helping your back office save time, this will also help minimize service interruptions and keep customers happy. With features such as Samsara’s Live Sharing, you can provide live sharing links with customers so they can stay up to date on the real-time status of their delivery. Add a window in the corner of the map to indicate my current location by mile marker and I’ll give you 6 stars. I have this app loaded and running full time in my truck using an old cell phone that is hotspot connected to my current cell phone.

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In other words the updating system and the status system should look the same. So when one is looking for the parking, it would be possible how to build a gps app to see that parking space is 95% full, not just red. For instance, there are around 10 parking spots on this huge track stop.

Without needing to pay $300 for a device , updated maps. Battery saver & Let’s you know in advance when to switch lanes. From the first use of this app I knew I would regret purchase.

It’s a very steep grade two mile long down hill going and a two mile up hill on the way back . This app needs to have it so you can aliterate the routes and combine two or more to your own route you know is faster and better . When it comes to choosing the best GPS for truckers, it all boils down to looking out for truck-specific features and custom truck routing capabilities. Because Track-POD is a paperless & contactless delivery management software, the driver app is built for collecting electrnonic signatures and photo confirmation of delivery.

It also monitors weigh stations to let you know which are open and which aren’t. And since it’s aimed at truckers, the navigation includes details about low clearance and other truck-specific concerns. Truck routing and commercial vehicle navigation are more complex than regular GPS navigation.

  • CoPilot Truck integrates seamlessly with the Samsara Open API so you can access all of your fleet data from one single platform.
  • Truck GPS Navigation Offline, GPS For Truckers FREE Maps & Navigation app for truckers to explore and navigate safely.
  • Keep up with the latest news in the trucking industry geared towards company drivers and owner-operators.
  • Just like the other GPS apps for truckers this one has custom routing for trucks,traffic information, fuel prices, and points of interest.
  • The terrible secret about different GPS apps available to drivers right now is…
  • It consists of a web dashboard for the dispatcher/manager and a Proof of Delivery app available for iOS and Android.

Delve into the FAQ section of this post to learn more about what apps and software solutions can help your drivers stay safe on the road while making their jobs a little easier. And, if you’re struggling with your driver retention rate, read our blog post on How Route Planning Software Can Make Your Driver Retention Strategy Foolproof. Truck drivers play a vital role in today’s supply chain. Namely, they are responsible for transporting over 70% of the total domestic freight in the US – this translates into over 11 billion tons.

Download And Install Trucker Path: Truck Gps & Maps On Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer

Eliminate confusion and bad communication from your dispatching process with digital manifests. Stops appear on your driver’s device with all the information needed to complete them. You can also use the map to quickly see which driver is closest to a location for last-minute stops. And with commercial vehicle GPS navigation, drivers can be sure they’re taking safe, legal routes. Sygic claims to be the world’s most popular offline navigation app for drivers, with 200+ million users globally.

Truck drivers with heavy loads need safe way to travel and they should know the best roads to travel. PHOENIX. ALK Technologies today announced the release of CoPilot Live Truck for iPhone, the first voice-guided GPS navigation app designed specifically for professional truck drivers. Available for immediate download from the iTunes App Store, the new app makes truck-specific GPS navigation more portable and more affordable than dedicated navigation devices, said ALK.

It does its job decently and keeps coming up with new features and improvements aiming to catch up with its main competitor Google Maps. This is true both for the navigation features and local business listings. Apple Maps is the default mapping system for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.

truck gps app

I have no doubts that you will be able to find one that works for you. The Local Truck Route Network is designated for trucks with an origin and destination within a borough. This includes trucks that are traveling to make a delivery, or for loading or servicing.

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So, to ensure the most cost-efficient and time-effective routes, you need accurate driving directions for your truck drivers. Hence, the best truck navigation app should have maps that always get updated on road closures, road works, road infrastructure changes, etc. To get the best truck route GPS app free trial, download and install Route4Me’s Mobile Route Planning Apps. In 2022, the best trucking GPS apps for commercial vehicles offer more features and capabilities than just truck navigation. Thus, when looking at truck GPS solutions, you would consider a complex platform to accommodate all of your truck routing needs. With CoPilot Truck integrated with your fleet management solution, your routing manager can remotely configure routes to eliminate manual updates.

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No one from customer support will contact me but considering the quality of the app I guess it’s reasonable to expect the same quality of customer support. This route costs $14.99 in the App Store and is great for lengthy journeys. It informs drivers on where to rest and eat, as well as weather and road conditions. This trucker GPS software allows you to use street view, satellite views, or even hybrid views to see where you’re going.

Hammer: Truck Gps Navigation App, Maps, & Routes

It includes tips on the factors to consider when choosing the best truck route GPS apps for truckers. So, getting the right GPS navigation app for truckers is an investment you do not want to skimp. Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for commercial vehicles and semi-trucks.

This prevents you from missing a turn or approaching a property where you won’t be able to get your vehicle to the loading dock. Although the images and satellite map are helpful, it’s crucial to remember that Google Maps isn’t always correct, as it depends on when the satellite photos were taken. PTV Navigator also tracks your mileage, which helps you maintain your ELD up to date.

Remotely Adjust Routes To Stay On Track

We offer the best truckers app available when comparing the available GPS for trucks. And, with Route4Me, you can plan and optimize truck routes that account for commercial vehicle parameters such as load capacity in terms of the number of pieces, volume, or weight per vehicle. When trying to make your trucking company more efficient, truck fuel consumption is definitely worth your attention. For this reason, the best truck navigation app should allow you to track the fuel consumption of your trucks. Accordingly, the Route4Me Route Planner for commercial routing offers you the ability to exclude toll roads and freeways from your truck routes. It’s pretty obvious that navigation apps for Android devices give drivers more freedom.

The Truck Navigation App For Every Journey

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford an expensive GPS for trucks, pick one of these, and you’ll be ready to roll off in time. CoPilot Mobile Navigation also comes with a GPS routing feature that is dedicated to truckers. Choose from default vehicle profiles or create custom profiles, then easily switch between them depending on the type of load you’re carrying.

You’re hauling a heavy load traveling at 55mph and you know you have a delivery due in 45 minutes. The choices you make every second on the road affect your safety, your business, your family, other drivers on the road and the consumers using those goods you’re hauling. Route4Me offers you the flexibility to choose from multiple routing features so that you can customize your truckers GPS app as you need. With Route4Me, you don’t have to pay for unnecessary features.

It’s free to download and preview, but the subscriptions range in cost from $19.95 for 1 month, $45 for 1 year, and $79 for a lifetime. This app utilizes the built-in GPS capabilities of the phone or tablet, and adds the benefit of live map updates for drivers. In addition to that, the app takes into consideration the restrictions and limitations in regards to commercial trucks, as well as the height and weight of the vehicle. This thing could almost pay for itself in savings from potential ticket costs! The app offers hands-free, voice activated capabilities, and visual/voice instruction with turn-by-turn directions. More accurate speed limit information (I’ve used the feature for reporting wrong speed info, but it doesn’t allow for the stating of the current speed limit).

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I wrote an article all about the Rand road atlas and how to use it, you can find it here. For example, a truck trip that starts in Staten Island and ends in Queens would be required to use the Through Route Network while passing through the borough of Brooklyn en route to Queens. If the destination in Queens was not immediately accessible from the Through Truck Route, the driver would then have to travel on the Local Truck Route Network to complete his or her trip. However, a truck going from one end of Queens to the other is permitted to travel on the local truck route network. The map shows Local and Through truck routes for all five boroughs.

Download the latest Truck Me In™ app, please sign up for free to create your truck profile information and start sharing. A – Are you wondering what is the best truck GPS navigation system? If so, you can turn to Truck Me In ™ as your best solution.

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Plus, carriers can access the Trucker Path’s Truckloads platform where freight companies post freight hauling requests. He has expert knowledge in GPS and cartography with 15 years of experience. Additionally, Ilia has extensive experience in data recovery on PC and mobile.

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