WOMAN Recharge Initiative

Woman Recharge Initiative

Today ‘s Woman Recharge (WR)

Relationships are not only your networks but your networth. Your attitude matters a lot. I have gained so much information that advanced my life whenever I maintained the right character and attitude. All glory to Jesus.

I observed once you don’t have a prideful and condescending attitude to others, it will be natural for people to relate with you. Some people will also confide with you their sensitive issues and weaknesses because of your disposition.

The behavior of the proud and arrogant repels people and networks. It hinders one’s expansion. Even though we are all God’s work in progress. I have learnt humility takes you further than your hard labor or achievement. It takes you much farther than your wealth or status.

Humility and good character especially allowing people to be themselves in your presence will take you to a place of elevation beyond your wildest imagination.

No-one knows it all neither can you be an island to yourself. Your relationship with people in your family, workplace, church, neighborhood and community says a lot about you and your impact.

As we all reflect today, I pray that we all become a better model of example. Life is not always about you and your issues but others. Until you see from their perspective through God’s lenses can they be more drawn to you.

One of my best statements as I journey through life in Christ is …. ‘ and David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the Lord was with him ‘. I Sam 18:14.

David feared God and was mindful of God’s presence. He maintained a wise and good behavior regardless of Saul’s attack on his life.

No unpleasant situation you might be experiencing should warrant an ugly character of you whereever you find yourself.

Remember always that you are God’s Ambassador on earth. Many also are looking up to mentors like you that they can learn from and emulate. Take time to read Psa 51:17 & Matt 23:12.

Have a blessed Week.

Pst. Morenike
WR host

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