Today's Woman"s Recharge (WR)

Woman Recharge is one of the community outreach programs within Freshword ministries.

Host: Pst. Morenike

Woman Recharge is an initiative targeted to the community encouraging women to excel in business, career and ministry regardless of any setbacks. This is done through practical biblical teachings and empowering women to take on communities for Christ using their gifts, skills and talents.

The word ‘ calling ‘ is defined as your assignment on earth. Similar to your God-given purpose. Like what your were born to do or impact in this world.

One of the ways to discover your calling is to ask the very One who made you and that is, the God Almighty. He knows what He out in you.

Sometimes we use calling when it comes to ministry and purpose when it comes to what we should do in life.

Few ways to discover your calling is to understand that God speaks through His Word, a trusted vessel (person), dreams, visions and by the Holy Spirit continuous impressions or promptings.

Secondly, observe the things you love to do with ease and even when there are hurdles, it does not stop you from utilizing or manifesting your gift or hobbies.
Find out what gives you joy, fulfillment or some type of relief.

The third is, try to listen to the comments or feedbacks your friends and families say about you when you live out your talents or do what you are called to do.

I have met some women that are simply exceptional in accounting, administration and organization. For some it is decorating and they are hardly tired while doing it. Some enjoy long-standing hours doing hair for others. Some, hours unending on there laptops

Deep down within, destiny calls on you. No one on earth was born without a purpose. There are people you must positively impact with all the gifts and talents God has placed in you. Your calling calls out to you daily. Do not let ignorance or any insecurities silence it.

It is therefore important to fulfill your calling and purpose in life. Be intentional about discovering your purpose.

Have a great morning!

Host, Woman Recharge (WR)

Things To Do :
Get the Purpose Driven book by Pst Rick Warren on Amazon.

Have you been in situations or events where you hear other people on their achievement or ability to overcome one hurdle or scale through an exam? You admire and then wonder within you when it will be your turn for accomplishment or celebration.

Do you have some unfinished projects in your life and you sometimes wonder how you can get it done with so much on your plate.
One vital thing, I encourage you is know that you can do all things through Christ, the Strengthener, Phil 4:13. He is the power vitamin for any vision fulfilment.

Few things to consider to help you know you can attain, accomplish, overcome and reach greater heights.

First, believe in what God says about you. Believe God and what He says of you. On a daily basis, the flesh craves all manners of affirmations but the best and absolute truth affirmation is from Him.This can only be found when you take the initiative to read the Scriptures. Mary in the Bible understood that clearly, Luke 10:42.

The second thing is to believe in yourself and the gifts and talents God has given you. Do not allow wasted years, late start, failure, negative relationships, poor or dysfunctional family background to mess up your identity.

For instance, I find a lot of people ask me to connect them to certain resources, agencies, jobs or people of influential positions on different issues. I would wonder why they come and this bothered me a lot. Mostimes, I felt I should hush or be quiet for fear of being used but I later realized that it was a channel God was using me to be a blessing to lives. I realized that God had made me a bridge connector or a resource whether in the secular or spiritual sector.

I say this to let you know that no matter what you have gone through, whether tough times or been cheated or taken advantage of, don’t let that stop you from believing in yourself and using your gifts. God has made you unique and don’t even dare compare yourself or your situation with others. Instead be grateful to God and be your original you. Of course, upgrade yourself more in the path of excellence.

One of the best sermons I heard from Pastor Rick Warren ‘s wife was titled ‘it’s okay to be you’. It helped me a lot in my journey. Another sermon by Reverend George Adegboye has helped me over the years. He preached at a female pastors conference years back in England encouraging them to bodly stand in their calling even in the face of intimidation and opposition.

No doubt, believing in yourself will help you possess the great future God has planned for you.

Have a blessed day.

Reminder :
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Host: Pst. Morenike
Woman Recharge (WR)

Bible Verses

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going, Eccl 9:10.

But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!” 2 Chron 15:7.

Overtime, I have heard of some women lose their jobs or clientele due to lack of responsibility or taking their work ethics seriously. Mostimes, caused by a traumatic experience with their family life or due to lack of direction or meaning to life.

The verses above encouraged us to be diligent and do our work and academics well. Whatever God has placed in your hands, do not slack behind and that includes health, rearing children or care of spouse.

In the search of fulfilling your goals, maintain your work life balance and have no loose ends. Even with jobs that seems highly dissatisfying financially and do not meet your qualifications.

God is your rewarder. Now, perhaps you are a bi-vocational or fulltime minister, doing your job well of caring for your flock or partners does not exclude you. Same goes with homemakers or immigrants waiting for their work permits or permanent visas.

The key is to keep yourself occupied in advancing yourself and do not let the lack of money or no money or any type of difficulty stop you from performing well.

Have a great day.

Host: Pst. Morenike
Woman Recharge (WR)


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